Membership Application Instructions

We are delighted you have chosen to apply for membership with the Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA)!

The AMGTA was founded to explore and promote the sustainable and environmental benefits of additive manufacturing. All AM stakeholding organizations which can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability are welcome to apply. This includes both companies providing better, more sustainable manufacturing strategies through AM and those leveraging the benefits of AM in their offerings or operations.

Benefits of becoming an AMGTA Participating Member:

• Participation in the preeminent organization focused on promoting the environmental benefits of additive manufacturing with an opportunity to lend your voice and perspective to the collective conversation to advance our shared mission

• Potential opportunities to speak on AMGTA curated panels at industry events and referrals to participate in trade press interviews and articles

• Potential opportunities to participate in AMGTA sponsored or member-collaborative research

• Featured as a Participating Member in AMGTA press releases and recognized on the Our Members page of the AMGTA website

• Participation in the organization’s Annual Summit, Virtual Forums, and other members-only events

• Permission to feature the AMGTA Participating Member special logo on your company’s website, marketing collateral, event promotions and other communications

• Right to vote on all matters presented to the Members for a vote

Becoming an AMGTA Participating Member:

1) To enable our applicant review process, please complete the following application. All requested information is required unless you can explain why it is not available or relevant to your application.

This information will be used not only to evaluate your potential membership but to introduce your organization to our current membership. While your organization may be a recognizable name, your efforts in sustainability and AM may not be as commonly known. This is the first step in assisting the AMGTA in promoting your organization in this light.

2) After your application has been reviewed, and if approved, you will receive:
a. The Member Agreement to be executed and returned
b. An invoice for your annual, 12-month membership dues

3) Once the Membership Agreement has been executed and dues paid, we will work with your communications team to announce your membership to the AM industry and beyond.

    Organization Name:

    Address: (List primary locations)

    Primary Contact Name:



    Secondary Contact Name:



    Sustainability Contact Name:



    Communications/PR Contact Name:



    Accounting/Invoicing Contact Name:



    (All administrative, legal, and financial notices including invoices from the AMGTA to the applicant will be sent to this e-mail address unless the applicant directs otherwise.)


    Please provide a brief overview of your organization, your product or service offerings, your organization’s role in the additive manufacturing ecosystem, e.g. source material or equipment provider, software developer, supply chain, manufacturer, end-user. This will assist in introducing your organization’s application to our membership.

    Please describe your organization’s commitment to environmental sustainability, note relevant goals, initiatives planned or underway, milestones achieved and successes to date.

    If you have a sustainability/ESG page on your website, please provide the link:

    List any green/sustainability awards, grants, relevant publicity and/or certifications your organization
    has received.

    Membership Level
    Participating Member

    Annual Membership Dues
    $5,000 USD

    Applicant Authorization / Digital Signature:



    By clicking Submit, the applicant acknowledges and agrees that the information provided is accurate and fairly depicts the applicant organization’s commitment to pursuing and enabling more sustainable business practices with additive manufacturing as a component of those practices. The applicant acknowledges that membership acceptance is solely at the discretion of AMGTA, the AMGTA Board of Directors, and the Membership Review Committee. The applicant certifies that the applicant organization meets the conditions of membership specified in this application.