About the AMGTA

The Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA) is the only global organization focused on understanding and promoting the environmental benefits of additive manufacturing (AM).

Our Members represent the entire manufacturing spectrum from source materials and equipment, to software and supply-chain, to manufacturers and end-users.

The AMGTA was created in 2019 by a group of organizations throughout the manufacturing ecosystem and around the world who understood the potential for significant environmental benefits of additive manufacturing.

This group understood the power of combining and organizing their efforts to raise awareness, address the pressing questions, and lead by example. The AMGTA has grown to nearly 50 additive manufacturing stakeholders and continues to grow.

AMGTA Mission

The AMGTA is a:

  • Forum to guide the collective energy of like-minded organizations to drive the future of more sustainable manufacturing through the adoption and promotion of additive manufacturing practices
  • Platform to collaborate on innovating better, more sustainable, and financially advantageous products through additive design and manufacture

AMGTA Goals:

  • Commission member-collaborative, independently-reviewed research to identify and better understand the environmental impacts of additive practices on the manufacturing cycle as well as the broader business case
  • Raise awareness and increase adoption of 3D printing practices as both a strategic business driver as well as a lever for sustainability to both manufacturing and sustainability

AMGTA Membership

The AMGTA Membership Seal communicates to the broader manufacturing industry an organization’s commitment to pursuing more sustainable manufacturing through their practices and the products and services they provide to their customers to enable them to manufacture more sustainably.

AMGTA provides Members with opportunities to engage and collaborate with like-minded organizations with a similar focus – innovating better, more sustainable, and financially advantageous products through additive manufacturing practices.

Membership Benefits:

  • The AMGTA Participating Member seal to display on company’s website, marketing collateral, event promotions and other communications to communicate your company’s commitment to more sustainable manufacturing through additive practices
  • Featured as a Participating Member in AMGTA press releases, recognized on the Our Members page of the AMGTA website, in relevant marketing, public relations, social media and event promotion
  • Full access to proprietary research commissioned by the AMGTA; executive summaries are released publicly, full data is available to members only
  • Participation in the organization’s Annual Member Summit, Virtual Forums, and other members-only events
  • Opportunities to speak on AMGTA curated panels at industry events, virtual events, and referrals to participate in trade press interviews and articles
  • Opportunities to participate in AMGTA-commissioned and member-collaborative research
  • Monthly member-only newsletter with monthly “Member Newsroom” feature to share and amplify member submitted news and updates

Membership Cost: Participating Membership Level $5,000 USD annually.

Additional details on the Membership application process and the online application form can be found here.

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